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I No Fit Cry 293 Leni Views

I No Fit Cry

2 years ago

Woman Wahala 307 Leni Views

Woman Wahala

2 years ago

Follow Follow 296 Leni Views

Follow Follow

2 years ago

Oga Go Kill Me 288 Leni Views

Oga Go Kill Me

2 years ago

Lol Too Funny, 283 Leni Views

Lol Too Funny,

2 years ago

Never Try To Rob Africans/Nigerians 265 Leni Views
Food Poison 286 Leni Views

Food Poison

2 years ago

True With Girls of this generation 258 Leni Views
She Wants To Kill Somebody 257 Leni Views
You Want To Marry WizKid 261 Leni Views
OIL AND GAS 30 days in atlanta 263 Leni Views
How some ladies sound trying to sing 259 Leni Views
Who is responsible for the pregnancy? 279 Leni Views

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