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The Sleeping Contestant @ Abuja Auditions| Mtn Project Fame Season 6 Reality Show


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About Project Fame: Project Fame West Africa is a regional music talent reality TV Show produced in Lagos Nigeria and aired across West Africa. The show features contestants from Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Auditions are conducted in these four West African countries to select a total of 24 contestants who then advance to the next stage and converge in Lagos, where the judges will weed off 6 contestants, leaving 18 to advance to the semi finals. From these 18, only 15 will advance to the Academy where they will be drilled and trained in the art of music for weeks.
The show runs for a total of 10 weeks, during which one contestant will be evicted every week for the duration of the show. One winner will emerge and win the star prize, while first and second runners up go home with consolation prizes.
Project Fame West Africa is sponsored by MTN Nigeria and produced by Ultima Studios.

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