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Funniest Clip Ever | Johnny: Engineering Student


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Now, let me give you a short description of this video. Here it goes:
Johnny happens to be an electrical Engineering student in the University, when they had a fault with their electricity. Instead of waiting for the electrician to come, and because of pride, Johnny decides to take a step. I'm sure he probably had a nice lady who may be visiting him any time soon, and he can't stand the pressure of the lady feeling uncomfortable with him without light, lol.
After several warnings from his old dad which failed. Johnny went ahead to put what seems to be his career into quick practice , haha!
It didn't last a minute when you here him struggling with the current from the meters for safety. You would think the guy was about dyeing.
I was really sorry for him but he really made my day. You've gotta watch this and see what happened next. What did you make of it?
Credits: video footer.
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